A network of European facilities delivering the highest level of creative & technical services for each project.

Lip Sync and Voice Over Dubbing

40+ years successfully dubbing major theatrical titles, independent art-house productions, TV movies & now S/VOD shows. EVA's Dubbing Managers efficiently bring together the creative talent of translators, adaptors, artistic directors, voice talents, sound engineers, editors and mixers.


Thousands of hours of programming serviced each year for over 2 decades in 20+ languages, working with a network of 300+ specialists worldwide.

Audiobooks' creation & Localisation

AudioBooks’ design, creation and localisation.
EVA has become Spain's market leader since 2019.

Closed Captioning

In 2007, we expanded our services by adding subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing for live television broadcasts as part of EVA's service offer.


In 2010, EVA launched its Audio Description department, under the leadership of a seasoned expert.
In 2019 ST'501 was certified to train tomorrow’s accessibility specialists. "

Sign Language

EVA's subtitling specialist ST'501provides French sign language translation and live, multilingual subtitling of events (conferences, meetings, etc.).

Sound Design for all your audiovisual needs

Sound Design Services for all your audiovisual needs, by local specialists, at each of our European studios.

Sound Postproduction Services for Originals & Versioning

Audio Postproduction services at your disposal for Cinema, Home Entertainment, TV, S/VODs, Audiobooks & Podcasts.

Additional Dialogue Recording

EVA's facilities can manage all your ADR needs across Europe.

Live Subtitling

We offer live, multilingual subtitling for corporate meetings and many other events.

Picture Localisation

Our experienced teams can look after all your picture localisation needs

Podcasts & Museums' Audioguide creation

Tailored services for podcast authors, cultural audio-guides & corporate needs.
From design to recording and conforming, through to delivery."