Translations, as close as possible to the original, are the foundations of all our projects
We adapt most foreign language scripts
Transporting the specifics of each production into the Castilian adaptation
Privileged access to a pool of renowned writers & directors to guarantee a perfect Castilian lip-sync delivery
850+ hours of content dubbed and hundreds of Audiobooks localised annually

Tecnison specialises in providing a complete end-to-end solution for dubbing & voice over services and Audiobooks.

Your projects will benefit from access to the highest level of creative & technical expertise.

Founded in 1974, Tecnison is a market leader in dubbing services for cinema and TV, including localisation, subtitling and mixing services (5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos).

Tecnison’s renovated facilities house 10 recording studios and 3 mixing rooms, two of which are equipped with Dolby Atmos sound technology.
EVA’s network of European studios ensures the highest level of creative and technical services for each of your projects.

Research stands in the center of what we do. We only work with approved, professional translators. We have privileged access to a pool of renowned writers and directors who guarantee a perfect Castilian lip-sync delivery.

Opened in 2020, centrally located and within easy reach of public transport, this facility spreads over 3 floors housing three recording studios and edit rooms, as well as 5 recording booths dedicated to audio-books and podcasts.

Tecnison Barcelona adds capacity and flexibility to our Spanish operation and strengthens EVA’s international business. A young and dynamic team.

Since 2019 Tecnison has been the leader in the localisation of Audiobooks.

The new facility in Barcelona includes an area dedicated to the production and localisation of Audiobooks & Podcasts.

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