A complete end-to-end solution from script adaptation to voice casting, directing, recording, mixing & accessibility.

With a network of over 300 language specialists worldwide, we provide services in more than 20 languages for broadcast, theatrical releases, DVD, Blu-ray, VOD/SVOD platforms and OTT channels.

Lip-sync and voice-over dubbing in Parisian French, German and Castilian Spanish in our own facilities, by EVA's team of local experts.

Every project is carefully monitored by a dedicated team. Tecnison’s Dubbing Managers take the utmost care when choosing a team of accomplished translators, script writers, directors, voice talents, sound engineers and editors.


We ensure that our translations remain faithful to the original text. We offer translation services in many languages.
We make sure that the specifics of each production – and in particular genre and ambiance – prevail in the Castilian version.

Research plays an important role in our work and we only work with approved, professional translators.

We have priviliged access to a pool of renowned writers and art directors who can guarantee a perfect Castilian lip-sync delivery, each one of them in their specific field of excellence.

Tecnison is specialized in providing a complete end-to-end solution for lip-sync and voice-over dubbing services and audiobooks. Through our European-wide networking infrastructure, we will supply the highest level of creative and technical services for your projects.

State-of-the-art Sound

2 Theatrical Mixing Studios

The 2 mixing studios of Eclair studios are equipped with Dolby Digital 7.1 & 5.1 and 1 stage is Dolby Atmos theatrical and Dolby Atmos home certified.

  • 65 sqm
  • Dolby Atmos (with 38 speakers) / Dolby Atmos Home
  • JBL + Wassman Speakers
  • Avid S6 Controller (with up to 64 Fader Surface)
  • DCI Projection 4K Sony 515

1 TV Mixing Stage

The TV mixing stage is equiped with Dolby Digital 5.1 (Dolby Certified)

  • 30 sqm




- Dubbing
- Subtitling
- Audio Description
- Subtitling for the deaf and hearing impaired

Eclair Spain C/ Pallars 99,
OF42 08018 Barcelona
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  • 1 Country Manager
  • 1 Sales Director
  • 1 Audiobook Manager
  • 1 Production Manager & 4 Production Accounts
  • 1 Head of Project Managers & 4 Accounts Managers
  • 1 Finance Controller & 2 Accounting & 3 Admin
  • 1 Technical Manager & 5 Sound Editors & 4 Mixing Engineers
  • 12 In-House Dubbing Actors.

Angel Martin

Managing Director | Eclair V&A

Based in: Barcelona, Spain

Bouchra Alami

Deputy Managing Director

Based in: Paris, France | Rabat, Morocco

Ana Arbona

Country Manager | Spain

Based in: Madrid, Spain

Sebastian Reiss

Country Manager | Germany

Based in: Berlin, Germany

Javier Trillo

Head of HR | Madrid

Based in: Madrid, Spain

Manel Carreras

Chief Commercial Officer, SVP Business Development & Studio Relations | UK & Spain

Based in: Barcelona, Spain

Christa Kistner

Head of Creative | Berlin

Based in: Berlin, Germany

Serge Sepulcre

Sales Director | France

Based in: Paris, France

Gregory Ansieaux

ST501 Manager | France

Based in: Paris, France

Stefanie Schwab

Studio 7 Manager | Germany

Based in: Karlsruhe, Germany

Caroline Franck

Eclair Strasbourg Manager

Based in: Strasbourg, France

Miguel Angel Cuevas

Sales Director | Madrid

Based in: Madrid, Spain