EVA offers localisation, accessibility &
technical services
Today, ST'501 is a leader
in accessibility services for TV and Movies
Over 4,000 hours of captioning and
200 hours of audio description
produced annually
Availability, precision and responsiveness
mean more accessibility
The art of understanding
each other

For the last 40 years, we have built strong business relationships. We can dub any project efficiently, from major theatrical movies to independent art-house specialist productions as well as TV, animated and live action series.

Your projects will benefit from the highest level of creative & technical expertise.


The 11 on-site auditoriums are dedicated to sound post-production (recording, editing and mixing) in a secure facility certified by TPN. Parking is available, and the metro is only 200 metres away.

A complete offer of localisation and accessibility services dedicated to your content, from beginning to end, that strictly respects the French national professional agreement for dubbing rates and rights management (DAD-R).

Efficiency & simplicity with a single contact for all services.

On site: all recording and mixing services are carried out at EVA Vanves facilities, and you can choose from a large pool of local translators, subtitlers and art directors.


A 350-sq. metre facility, in the heart of the city, dedicated to subtitling, sound & picture, with 3 recording, mixing & sound-design studios & a video editing suite. All studios are high-end rooms with acoustic treatment.

Our passion for documentaries and language, combined with artistic excellence, is the source of our creative labour.

EVA France Strasbourg has been a privileged provider for the Franco-German ARTE channel for more than 25 years.

Accessibility Services

ST’501 was founded in 1996 as an audiovisual post-production company specialising in multilingual subtitling; today, it is a leader in accessibility services for TV and Movies.
The company stands out in the industry for its high-quality services and responsiveness.

Over the years, the company has expanded its activities to include closed captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing. In 2008, it added captioning for live television broadcasts as part of its services, showcasing its technological innovations. ST’501 also provides French sign language and live, multilingual subtitling of corporate events.

In 2018, ST’501 launched its Audio Description Department, led by an expert with 10 years of experience in the field.

In early 2019, ST’501 was certified to train tomorrow’s accessibility specialists in live audio description and captioning.

They entrusted EVA with their business
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